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Linux "Red Hat, Canonical and the Linux Foundation have laid out a set of recommendations for hardware vendors in hopes of preserving the ability to install Linux on Windows 8 machines. Windows 8 machines should ship in a setup mode giving users more control right off the bat, the groups argue." Group hug-cheer combo for Red Hat, Canonical, and the Linux Foundation please.
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So how is a purchaser supposed to know if they board they want to purchase has the forced feature disabled or not? Is it required as part of the packaging? Or someone is just "supposed to know" what they are getting supports the "off switch"?

Since there are motherboard manufacturers who cater to hardcore gamers that like to run multiple video cards and overclock their CPUs, I'm pretty sure that a few of them will make boards with this option turned off, and will advertise that fact. Afterall, I'd like to think there are at least as many Linux users out there as hardcore gamers.

Sure, this may prevent major OEMs from offering 'Windows 8 certified' machines that can run Linux, but let's be realistic... if desktop Linux hasn't yet caught on to the point where major OEMs want to pimp it, it probably never will. It's always going to be an OS primarily used by geeks.

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