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Linux "Red Hat, Canonical and the Linux Foundation have laid out a set of recommendations for hardware vendors in hopes of preserving the ability to install Linux on Windows 8 machines. Windows 8 machines should ship in a setup mode giving users more control right off the bat, the groups argue." Group hug-cheer combo for Red Hat, Canonical, and the Linux Foundation please.
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It's not anti-competitive if you can turn it off.

It is still hindering the competition so yes, it is. Perhaps not as blatantly so as requiring that it should not be possible to disable secure boot but anti-competitive nonetheless.

THe demo that they showed had an option to turn it off in the "BIOS", so what's the problem.

There's a problem if there is no option to turn it off. Considering all the nasty clauses MS has tried to put in their OEM contracts over the years it's not impossible that such a clause would appear at some point in time.

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