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Apple While it's just a rumour, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who hasn't been living under a rock the past five years, and in all honesty, I'm pretty sure it's actually true. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is contemplating axing its iconic Mac Pro.
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10 year machine
by whartung on Tue 1st Nov 2011 18:18 UTC
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I bought my Mac Pro 5 years ago to be a 10 year machine. My basic premise is that it was "Fast enough" but should be able to expand in the key areas (notably ram and disk) to where I wanted to go.

At the time, it was actually cheaper than the competing Dell machine of similar specs.

If I were to buy a modern mac pro, that would definitely be a 10 year machine. Mine will likely not make it.

The critical problem is that in the '06 Mac Pros, it has a 32 bit graphics bus, rather than 64. And there's telling that the next OS X will be "pure 64 bit" through and through, and will likely not be compatible with my machine. Plus, GPUs are harder to get for this machine.

As far as performance, the current crop of Mac Minis perform better than my machine (according to some mac benchmark site I found, my machine comes in at 5600ish, and top end Mac Mini is 8300ish, something like that) but don't have the memory.

My machine is still "fast enough". I've upgraded the GPU already once. It needs a new disk drive. An SSD would make it a bit faster. It runs 24x7 (sleeping a lot when I'm away), and it's silent and stoic. Upgrading to the 3.0 Ghz CPUs is difficult as they're STILL expensive and hard to find (folks have been scavenging them out of other rack servers). If 10.8 for some reason lets me keep it, then I will, but I doubt it.

Despite the gains we have been getting, machines really have plateaued substantially. That's why I thought I might be able to get away with a 10 year machine.

So, maybe I have a 6-7 year machine instead of a 10 year. A Mac Mini doesn't cut it right now. 8GB isn't enough memory, and I'm happy that I have ECC memory in my current machine. Maybe I'll buy a modern used Mac Pro. I don't want to do a "hackintosh", and I don't want an iMac.

If Apple makes a Mini with 16G, then maybe I can get one of those, assuming it doesn't cook itself to death over time. My Mac Pro runs very cool, especially compared to my iMac at work.

No, I think a used "new" Mac Pro might be a better replacement in the long run.

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