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Legal So, the White House has this site where American citizens can set up petitions, and once they've gained enough support in the form of signatures, the White House will respond. One of the very first petitions added to the site called for the abolition of software patents - both issued and for the future. The petition gained enough support, so the White House has responded. Hit read more for a summary of the respons.
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I'm a US citizen. I just created a account to sign this petition, but it seems that it is impossible to sign a petition once there has been an official response. If I'm wrong and I simply cannot find the link/button then please correct me.

Otherwise, nice strategy politicians. Make a site that allows citizens to voice their opinions, and monitor how many people express support for an opinion that the establishment/lobbies/etc would never support. Then write an official response explaining how the the government sympathizes and takes steps that show that they care (even though these steps do nothing to address the demand). Then lock the petition so nobody else can sign.

So 14K people responded to this within the course of a few weeks but any further support is silenced, and if people look back on it in the future, it seems as if only 14K people would support this. It's only a tiny fraction of the population. I guess the position is not popular at all. The overwhelming majority must love software patents, and that's why the US government will continue to issue them -- because they support the position of the 99%.

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