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Multimedia, AV has published an article titled "The Case for Piracy". The writer shows how copyright has been hijacked by corporations and that publishers are their own worst enemies. "One of the main reasons we all have anti-piracy slogans embedded in our brains is because the music industry chose to try and protect its existing market and revenue streams at all costs and marginalise and vilify those who didn't want to conform to the harsh new rules being set."
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Things aren't so different when ridiculous IP laws get people ridiculous sentences for their violations; you wouldn't consider that a violation of human rights? Is one song upload worth 50k?* (or whatever the ridiculous amounts were)

Especially when it gets pushed, in one example linked to nearby, into area of serious felony. Especially when "big copyright holders" sometimes get caught red-handed in some infringement (or, generally, when pushed by them "eternal" - it seems - extensions of copyright breach the spirit of original social deal it was supposed to be)

*Which leads to...,piracy,comparison,.html one download worth more than 3 human lives?

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