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KDE Disappointed with KDE 4's performance and other shortcomings, Timothy Pearson continued KDE 3.5 development under the name Trinity. Today the first third major update of the Trinity Desktop Environment is released, providing an alternative upgrade path for KDE users who do not feel comfortable with KDE 4.
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by lemur2 on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 00:06 UTC in reply to "Thom's justified..."
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I share the sentiments. Perhaps Thom is a *LITTLE* exaggerated on the crashing narrative. But yes, I have crashes too. But particularly I despise the K Menu and the Oxygen tiny buttons. Weren't these so much misdesigned, I would actually stick with KDE 4 series. Hell, just simplify that menu and make the buttons larger. Oh, make more attractive Qt themes. All we have is Oxygene, Redmond and CDE stuff? For goodness sake. Can't you see why GNOME 2 beat the hell out of KDE in the past 6 years? And now being beaten by crap like Unity and controversial but fast GNOME Shell ? KDE Team... give Thom and I, a break...

Install and use the alternative Lancelot menu.

I recommend the setting where there are no "category buttons" and the separate categories can all be set as sepearte menu buttons in the panel.

e.g. Lancelot Applications category menu:

Lancelot computer "Places" menu:

Google for "KDE4 extra themes"

Metalized, Perla Negra, Marysia, Aya, Slim Glow, Silicon, Perfection, Akoma, Mist and TiComb.

Other themes which turn up often as people's choices are Qtcurve and Bespin.

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