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KDE Disappointed with KDE 4's performance and other shortcomings, Timothy Pearson continued KDE 3.5 development under the name Trinity. Today the first third major update of the Trinity Desktop Environment is released, providing an alternative upgrade path for KDE users who do not feel comfortable with KDE 4.
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RE[2]: Thom's justified...
by Jason Bourne on Wed 2nd Nov 2011 00:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Thom's justified..."
Jason Bourne
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I think Lancelot's is a poor attempt to create another menu which is more messy than KickOff itself. Lemur2, do you work for KDE team?

The themes are ugly and unattractive. All of them have quirks.

But you haven't got the spirit. We're talking about SANE DEFAULTS, and not stupid user hunting based settings. KWin default is a disaster. KickOff should be better off cloning the entire Windows 7 Menu and the themes...well... please copy Windows 7 theme too. Why not. Since complete noobs can't see any difference between KDE4 and Windows 7, just copy it.

The problem my friend, is that KDE team is just after Windows 7 heels. Copying it... and to NOT SAY THAT, they make up particular idiosyncrasies which don't help the user at all.

I'm really not asking much. I didn't bash KWin. It deserves every criticism that Thom leashed. Why not just trash KWin? Please KDE team, use just another thing... try Clutter or Compiz as default. I know, I know, it breaks your KHearts. Oh fuck... sorry.

I just won't bash KWin that bad because I have tested on a recent hardware and it was fast and "OK", that meaning, tolerable... not 10 star... suffering well. It did got better after moving its settings to XRender instead of OpenGL.

Please, lemur2... don't smear more margarine love on KDE. It's beyond belief this, what you do. Let's take the facts into account. Default facts.

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