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KDE Disappointed with KDE 4's performance and other shortcomings, Timothy Pearson continued KDE 3.5 development under the name Trinity. Today the first third major update of the Trinity Desktop Environment is released, providing an alternative upgrade path for KDE users who do not feel comfortable with KDE 4.
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Also, with KDE4 I have the advantage of relying in modern technologies such as Phonon (with VLC backends),

This is one of the nicest things about KDE SC4. It's nice to be able to swap out multimedia backends (gstreamer --> xine --> vlc) without having to make a change to a single media app. ;) If there's a bug in one (like the phonon-vlc bug that starts an audio stream whenever you pause a video stream) then you switch to another until it's fixed.

It's just too bad the same hasn't happened yet (as successfully) with Solid. Would be nice if there was a devd-based backend for FreeBSD systems, alongside the udev/hal (now deprecated) and udev/udisk/upower/u* backends for Linux.

This is something that KDE3 sorely lacked. The whole esd/artsd mess is no more. ;)

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