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Fedora Core Good news from the Linux world. Fedora has announced its intention to drastically alter the file system layout of its Linux distribution. The plan's been out for a while, but was brought to my attention by Brian Proffitt (still the best name ever) over at ITWorld. The gist is to move all binaries to /usr/bin, and all libraries to /usr/lib and /user/lib64.
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RE: Comment by Jason Bourne
by boxy on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 03:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by Jason Bourne"
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why not


better for typing !!

Yeah, since the file-system is case-sensitive definitely go the path of least resistance and make the standard all lowercase.

I'd choose /programs and /users (plural) instead of /app and /user, respectively.

/sys already exists and is mounted as sysfs, so I'd choose /system as the actual os dir in order to not clash with the existing /sys. I'm guessing /selinux, /boot, /dev, /proc, and possibly even /tmp could then get moved under /os. You could also even move /sys (sysfs mount) under /os. All of these changes would, of course, initially provide appropriate symlinks for backwards compatibility.

/lib is an interesting folder since both /programs and /system would probably use components from it, and I don't see an easy way (nor a distinct need) to separate out system from program libraries, so I'd just move /lib and /lib64 into /system also.

I like the GoboLinux structure of retaining side-by-side versions for /programs and /system/lib, so I'd definitely keep that.

The layout would then be

You could also possibly have a folder like /media with /music, /videos, /tv, /books, /whatever-other-stuff in it, but you'd have to make it very clear to the user that this folder is shared by everyone on the machine (and/or optionally across a network, hopefully choosable at os installation).

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