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Fedora Core Good news from the Linux world. Fedora has announced its intention to drastically alter the file system layout of its Linux distribution. The plan's been out for a while, but was brought to my attention by Brian Proffitt (still the best name ever) over at ITWorld. The gist is to move all binaries to /usr/bin, and all libraries to /usr/lib and /user/lib64.
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RE[2]: Why not go all the way?
by Icaria on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 13:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Why not go all the way?"
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Have you actually used OSX? The root file system looks neat enough but start making you way down the filesystem tree and you'll get as lost and as quickly as you would browsing the FHS.

In short: 'yo dawg, I herd u liek filesystem layouts so we put file system layouts inside your filesystem layouts so u can file while u file'.

Funnily enough, OSX still makes a distinction between core OS resources/programmes and optional ones, with it's /Library and /System/Library directories (not to forget /Users/*/Library), which is exactly what Red Hat are trying to eradicate.

Anyway, I'm going to voice an unpopular opinion, here and state that I think the DOS style of filesystem layout is a lot better than anything the Unices have offered. The fundamental hierarchy is superior, as it doesn't lead to weird situations where users have to get their heads around mounting media inside another HDD's tree (WinNT can do this also but it's not often used), or dealing with virtual abstractions created by the kernel (eg. linux's /proc and *nix's /dev) inside your HDD's tree.

The obvious advantage of this goofy system is being able to do things like share /usr between multiple workstations over the network but a more ideal solution would still be to symlink /usr (or it's equivalent) to b:\ (or it's equivalent).

Eg. the first harddrive should appear as something like:

While the root filesystem remains simply as an abstraction for stuff like /proc and /dev[ices] (and perhaps a virtual /bin dir that populates with all items from all system paths).

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