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Internet & Networking A new report confirms what you might have guessed. Netflix downloads hog nearly one third of the internet's bandwidth. "Netflix consumes 32.7 percent of the Internet's peak downstream traffic in North America, and ... continues to be the most powerful driver of evening traffic, and for that matter, of daily traffic overall." The report continues: "...despite some negative subscriber reaction to price hikes, Netflix has continued to increase its presence by adding 1 million U.S. subscribers since the Spring 2011 report, and by many measures Netflix rules North America's fixed access networks."
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the other 2 thirds
by FunkyELF on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 16:45 UTC
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The other 2 thirds must come from torrenting the content that isn't available on NetFlix.

I have a PS3 in my living room and a Samsung Bluray player in my bedroom. Both do Netflix, one does vudu, I think one does Hulu Plus but not regular Hulu, and _NEITHER_ do Amazon Video On Demand.

I won't pay $100 a month to have cable or satellite, but I am more than willing to pay $2 an episode to watch shows on Showtime or HBO. Unfortunately when these stupid companies use exclusivity everyone loses. Nobody should have to have 3 different machines hooked up to each TV just to be able to get all the content they want.

I think most pirates are lazy and would pay $2 an episode through some nice interface because it is way easier and more convenient than pirating. Downloading a torrent on a computer, copying it to a thumb drive, go into another room and plug the thumb drive into your PS3/Xbox/Bluray player is a pain in the ass for the consumer and the networks aren't getting any money.

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