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Internet & Networking A new report confirms what you might have guessed. Netflix downloads hog nearly one third of the internet's bandwidth. "Netflix consumes 32.7 percent of the Internet's peak downstream traffic in North America, and ... continues to be the most powerful driver of evening traffic, and for that matter, of daily traffic overall." The report continues: "...despite some negative subscriber reaction to price hikes, Netflix has continued to increase its presence by adding 1 million U.S. subscribers since the Spring 2011 report, and by many measures Netflix rules North America's fixed access networks."
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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime
by jgagnon on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 17:28 UTC
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I gave up Netflix for Amazon Prime, not because I hated Netflix though. I just already had a Prime membership and the content was "good enough" for my usage, which is minimal these days.

I suspect there are many people out there like me that are finding alternatives to Netflix (Hulu, to name another). I know many people that have multiple accounts (Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, for instance) and still pay a lot less than they would for cable TV. The Internet TV scene is a relative bargain right now if you don't care about seeing the shows as they first air.

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