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Mac OS X And so the iOS-ification of Mac OS X continues. Apple has just announced that all applications submitted to the Mac App Store have to use sandboxing by March 2012. While this has obvious security advantages, the concerns are numerous - especially since Apple's current sandboxing implementation and associated rules makes a whole lot of applications impossible.
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Mandatory App Store
by David on Fri 4th Nov 2011 00:55 UTC
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I do not share your certainty that the App Store model will become the only method of installing software on Macs. I actually think it's more likely that the iOS ecosystem will end up with an usupported jailbreak mode first (not that I think that's likely). The truth is, there's a reason why the PC spawned the computing revolution. The computing industry started out totally cowboy, where everyone had to write all their own software (1950s-70s). When PCs from various makers first started to come out, there was a flirtation with locking things down for the sake of making computing more accessible, such as PCs that used ROMs or cartridges for apps, and purpose-specific word processors that only supported one task. (1980s). Ultimately, people started getting more sophisticated and demanded more flexibility, and the marketplace met them halfway: even Apple embraced more freedom with what you could do with your computer. (3rd and 4th generation Macs were much more open than 1st generation ones). I think there's a decent chance the same cycle is repeating itself on the mobile front.

Apple may miss the party out of hubris and greed, and Microsoft may backslide because they never met a bad idea they didn't like, but I think that the freedom of a general-purpose PC, handheld or not, is too powerful to hold back. Personally, I think Apple will come around. A sandboxed App Store is a beautiful thing for people's grandmas and cubicle drones who would gladly install malware because it lets them make their cursor into a penis shape, and it has its value.

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