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Mac OS X And so the iOS-ification of Mac OS X continues. Apple has just announced that all applications submitted to the Mac App Store have to use sandboxing by March 2012. While this has obvious security advantages, the concerns are numerous - especially since Apple's current sandboxing implementation and associated rules makes a whole lot of applications impossible.
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RE: Comment by benb320
by karunko on Fri 4th Nov 2011 09:52 UTC in reply to "Comment by benb320"
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How do any of you find lion? Is it much better?

Downgraded to Snow Leopard on both my Macs after a week or so. Some things are firmly in the WTF camp but you can just ignore them (I'm looking at you, LauncPad); others are a bit more worrisome like tons of warnings in /var/log/system.log about deprecated functions -- from Apple's applications, no less!

But the real deal breaker for me is that Screen Sharing is completely broken unless you happen to use only Macs.

If the Mac has been freshly rebooted you can connect from any other OS with your VNC client of choice, but good luck after that. You just get the login screen, possibly with no user list or input field to type your password and, even when you do, the screen freezes before you can finish typing.

Of course you can close the connection and try again. And again. And again. If Screen Sharing doesn't lock altogether you might even get in. Eventually. And no, the problem are not the VNC clients, since they are working fine with Snow Leopard.

That said, I realize that this probably is not a big deal for people that are not working in an heterogeneous environment -- or that not everybody gets irritated by Lion "features" as easily as I do. In other words, the usual "your mileage may vary" disclaimer apply.


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