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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember when Apple surpassed Nokia to become the world's best-selling smartphone manufacturer? Well, Apple only had one quarter to enjoy this title, since Samsung just soared past them by quadrupling its smartphone shipments, making Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Update: As was noted in the comments, Apple also uses shipments - they just call them sales. Straight from their SEC filing.
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RE[5]: umm, fuzzy math ...
by zima on Fri 4th Nov 2011 22:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: umm, fuzzy math ..."
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...Apple to grow it's iOS install base - to 60+% PERCENT

In other words... 0.6%?

Hm, yes, that's actually sort of more accurate than most metrics you throw around - Apple said they sold ~150 million iPhones total, let's assume ~100 million are in use ...that makes ~2% out of 5+ billion mobile subscribers (just so you can have some perspective, about the growth potential of mostly Android)

Just as an added data point, Samsung said it took them 85 days to 'sell' 5 million units of the Galaxy II S. Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S units in 4 days! Tell me again how the iPhone 4S won't impact sales share?

Cute, so you base you views on practices (people wound up by waiting on "the one", the time vs. PR spectacles and coordinated way of opening pre-orders) which are meant to produce mostly those impressive, distorted numbers (vs. the side which doesn't have "droughts" of models, one with balanced advance - and this is somehow a weakness in your eyes)

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