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Fedora Core Good news from the Linux world. Fedora has announced its intention to drastically alter the file system layout of its Linux distribution. The plan's been out for a while, but was brought to my attention by Brian Proffitt (still the best name ever) over at ITWorld. The gist is to move all binaries to /usr/bin, and all libraries to /usr/lib and /user/lib64.
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RE: Simplify
by cjcox on Fri 4th Nov 2011 23:08 UTC in reply to "Simplify"
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You make the same point I tried to make to Lennart. The idea of a useless indirection (usr) seems silly. The problem isn't /bin, /lib, etc... arguably, the problem is /usr. However, changing that WOULD have greater impact. I look at what Red Hat is proposing (yes. Red Hat) as being a quick and dirty way to get around problems inherent with restructuring init in their way (systemd). Sure... it make life easier for them... but perhaps it's not really making things "better".

So... not arguing against "better".. just saying this really isn't about "better".. it's about "easier". For now anyhow...

systemd... it keeps growing and growing and growing...

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