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Web 2.0 Open source history suggests vendor-backed Eucalyptus will ultimately win out over the foundation-based Open Stack as the open source cloud platform of choice for IT going forward. 'History has shown that when an open source project is dealing with a valuable layer of the software stack, that project has tended to be controlled by a single vendor that can directly make money from the project,' Rodrigues writes. 'History also shows that when an open source project is dealing with a commodity layer of the software stack, the project tends to be controlled by a foundation.' The question then boils down to whether cloud platforms are indeed a valuable layer, and thus directly monetizable, as Red Hat proved with Linux, or are they a commodity layer, like Apache HTTP Server or Eclipse. Ultimately, Rodrigues believes that the private cloud will prove to be a valuable component of the IT stack, thereby favoring Eucalyptus' AWS-based private cloud platform.
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RE: It boils down to trust
by Soulbender on Sat 5th Nov 2011 00:50 UTC in reply to "It boils down to trust"
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But where is the data going to live?

The word "private" didnt give it away? Obviously data in a private cloud can live in your own datacenter.

Also, Eucalyptus is not AWS-based, it just implements the AWS API. That's entirely different from being based on AWS. Might want to correct that in the news item.

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