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Legal This is probably not entirely surprising. The European Commission has announced that it is investigating both Apple and Samsung because they may have breached antitrust rules with regard to patents used as standard in the mobile phone industry - otherwise known as FRAND patents. While the EC states it's investigating both Samsung and Apple, it's likely the investigation focusses on Samsung.
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by unclefester on Sat 5th Nov 2011 04:56 UTC in reply to "Comment by Tony Swash"
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Apple's strategic aim is not to block anybody's products per se. Apple's aim is to retain differentiation of it's products through preventing what it sees as copying of elements of it's designs that it has patented or which it feels it owns.

Totally wrong. Apple has adopted an ultra risky portable device strategy which is rapidly evolving into a potential catastrophe. Obviously Steve Jobs learned nothing from the original Mac fiasco.

Apple is now facing a slew of Android devices that cover every market segment from top to bottom.

In Australia at the moment the price discrepancy for similar products is huge.

- LG Optimus Spirit unlocked - $149
- Samusng Galaxy 5 unlocked -$99
- Apple 3GS unlocked -$ 429

- Motorola Xoom 32GB -$499
- iPad 32GB 32GB (wifi +3g) - $839

- Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocked - $549
- iPhone 4S unlocked - $899

Telstra - Australia's largest Telco - sells unlocked Telstra (Huawei) Smart-Touch Android phones for $79. This is cheap enough to give to a child.

Apple is panicking because they know they will get absolutely clobbered within two years (I predict much sooner). The lawsuits are merely the desperate actions of a company that suddenly realises they can't compete on price and have no compelling technology to attract buyers.

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