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Legal This is probably not entirely surprising. The European Commission has announced that it is investigating both Apple and Samsung because they may have breached antitrust rules with regard to patents used as standard in the mobile phone industry - otherwise known as FRAND patents. While the EC states it's investigating both Samsung and Apple, it's likely the investigation focusses on Samsung.
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RE[2]: Comment by Tony Swash
by frderi on Sat 5th Nov 2011 16:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Tony Swash"
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Ipod and Iphone weren't popular because of innovation.

Sure it was. Have you ever used MP3 players from the time before the iPod came out? I have. If you had, you'd remember how awkward they were. The iPod was a delight to use in comparison. It had simple controls trough an innovative click-wheel which made navigating it a breeze. It held a lot more songs due to its unique tiny hard disk, and it was well built.

Having a big touchscreen instead of buttons isn't innovative by the way it is completely obvious.

If it was completely obvious, why didn't anyone else think of bringing it to market in the way as the iPhone did? Before the iPhone, almost all smartphones had buttons. Many executives laughed at the fact the iPhone didn't have any. Nowadays you'll be hard pressed to find an Android which still has a keyboard.

Its easy to state something is obvious after it has happened. People seem to forget that there actually was a time where we didn't have the current form factor and functionality in a mobile computing device.

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