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Hardware, Embedded Systems A big issue right now in the world of operating systems - especially Linux - is Microsoft's requirement that all Windows 8 machines ship with UEFI's secure boot enabled, with no requirement that OEMs implement it so users can turn it off. This has caused some concern in the Linux world, and considering Microsoft's past and current business practices and the incompetence of OEMs, that's not unwarranted. CNet's Ed Bott decided to pose the issue to OEMs. Dell stated is has plans to include the option to turn secure boot off, while HP was a bit more vague about the issue.
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RE[3]: Ok, let's be fair
by Alfman on Sun 6th Nov 2011 04:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ok, let's be fair"
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"If buying a prebuilt system locked to a specific OS is a problem for you, do not buy a prebuilt system locked to a specific OS. You have several alternatives so be smart about your purchase and buy something that suits your needs rather than something that doesn't and then complain about it."

I'm sure I've answered this already, but here we go...

Existing knowledgeable linux users will suffer somewhat due to the worsening availability of equipment that works for us, new or used. Keep in mind many linux users also need to use windows, and we don't all care to build our own systems. We probably won't be able to get the scales of economy deals any longer because of these restrictions. I know you don't care about keeping our supplier options open, but that doesn't make the point any less valid, fragmentation will hurt us.

A bigger concern, IMO, is that the vendor locks on new windows machines will severely limit alternate OS adoption by newbies. The reasons for this should be obvious. Saying it's their fault for not knowing any better is ridiculous considering that there was no reason they should have been locked in the first place.

I've already pointed out issues with secure boot that affect windows users as well. I appreciate that you don't care about any of it's problems, and that's ok. But that's not a reason to dismiss the problems for everyone else, we have legitimate reasons to be concerned and seek answers.

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