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Linux Linux advocates have for so long advocated browser-accessed software as a service as a way to break out of Microsoft's proprietary desktop. Now that this world has arrived, there's less incentive to work on native Linux apps.
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Dual Views
by runjorel on Sun 6th Nov 2011 14:53 UTC
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I love how this article was posted right after the "Support Linux by Not Writing Linux-Only Software" news item was posted in the News section. It puts together two good points of view. I have to agree however that cross platform development is better.

One example given in the article, "Support Linux by Not Writing Linux-Only Software" talks about a user frustrated that AppX does not exist in Linux like it did in Windows. Now that user just wants to go back to AppX in Windows or Mac OS X because that is what they are familiar with even though the Linux variant may be 10 times better! Sure education could solve this problem, but computers have become such a commodity appliance that people don't want to 'learn computers', they just want to use it.

While I think the Linux ecosystem already has some killer apps in general, I think the only way for general users to actually use Linux is for developers to utilize cross platform development. It would ease the transition for new users in a new OS, which let's face it, can be tough for some. Maybe if more popular cross platform software existed in Linux, people would actually INSTALL Linux instead of run it on a live CD or running it in a VM where it can easily be turned off and never turned on again.

What I would love to see however is a better cross development platform. Java is too bulky. Mono is a great alternative, but is also very biased. Flash wouldn't be so bad if it weren't such a performance hog. The web is awesome (HTML 5, etc.) in that just about anyone can code an app, but it's naturally sandboxed (although that's changing too). But that's another soapbox to get on for another time.

Regardless, I am not sure if Linux-Only software is the way to go...although I must admit my little nerdy heart desires for people to move to Linux because of apps...not because they're running away from OSX/Windows.

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