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Linux While it may seem like Linux-only projects are betraying their loyal base by developing Windows or OSX versions, I would argue that cross-platform development is actually better for Linux as a whole, better for individual software projects and their developers, and ultimately better for Linux users.
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by westlake on Sun 6th Nov 2011 17:26 UTC in reply to "Comment by Gone fishing"
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Mozilla, VNC, Skype, Google World, and the GIMP etc being applications that are found in Windows makes the transition easier.

It makes the move unecessary.

There are enormous economies of scale at play in Windows.

By the time product reaches retail shelves, the OEM Windows system install is - for all practical purposes - free. sells a 3.4 GHz i7 desktop wth 16 GB RAM and a 2 TB HDD for $1000.

A beast like this running Win 7 is a damn capable machine at a mass-market price. It will be easy to secure and easy to manage no matter how often the geek pretends otherwise.

23" monitor included.

After-market sales of hardware, software, accessories and services are huge.

There is no dual inventory and support structure to maintain.

This why the geek goes into cardiac arrest when anyone mentions "secure booting."

The only leverage he has to drive adoption of Linux is affordable commodity PC hardware.

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