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Linux While it may seem like Linux-only projects are betraying their loyal base by developing Windows or OSX versions, I would argue that cross-platform development is actually better for Linux as a whole, better for individual software projects and their developers, and ultimately better for Linux users.
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Linux needs killer applications
by moondevil on Sun 6th Nov 2011 18:23 UTC
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I disagree with the article.

Mostly people don't care about operating systems, they want applications.

If the applications they need are already available on their current platform, why switch?

This was one of the reasons OS/2 died. There were no killer applications and the Windows compatibility layer was good enough that most software houses were using Win16 APIs instead.

Lets take Android as example, if tomorrow Google decides to replace Linux by another kernel, which
is possible since most applications are targeting Dalvik, the majority of customers won't care as long as their applications still work.

It is a bit like the games console. Most gamers buy the consoles to play a specific set of games, not the other way around.

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