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Linux When GNOME did its version 3 and Ubuntu came up with Unity, the popularity of Linux Mint sky-rocketed, because they stuck with GNOME 2.32. The Mint team has been working on their next version for a while now, and today, they first unveiled what they're working on. There's good news - the team is working on making GNOME 3 likeable. Their question for this release: "How do we make people like Gnome 3? And what do we provide as an alternative to those who still do not want to change?"
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The Real Tragedy is...
by tidux on Sun 6th Nov 2011 19:01 UTC
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...that it's easier than ever to essentially roll your own desktop environment, but nobody cares. Fluxbox is a better window manager than Metacity could ever dream of being, and you no longer need a full DE (or even X!) to get things like CPU power scaling, automounting of removable media, and easy wifi management. I switched back to Fluxbox after I realized that adding a second monitor at greater than 1024x768x24 would crash GNOME 3 - my netbook's little GMA3150 just can't composite a screen that big.

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