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Legal So, the White House has this site where American citizens can set up petitions, and once they've gained enough support in the form of signatures, the White House will respond. One of the very first petitions added to the site called for the abolition of software patents - both issued and for the future. The petition gained enough support, so the White House has responded. Hit read more for a summary of the respons.
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RE[4]: Economically Centred Gov't
by zima on Sun 6th Nov 2011 20:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Economically Centred Gov't"
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Oh, stop blaming America for all your problems. Your government represents you. If they have their nose stuck up anything, you have only yourselves to blame.

I'm the first to argue that govs are, ultimately, reflections of their societies.

But, you know, the point such as yours would generally come much better across if you would NOT be talking specifically about a major superpower, a major influencing force of the last few decades ;) (so on a time scales where the world very much still lives with the consequences, very actively feels the results)

Abut one which, say, also has its share of coup d'etat events, is at least one of the biggest supporters of such (beware, if you're a small country which doesn't has its nose stuck up the right place & you're not alligned with some other bully; well, and if you're a country of "lesser" people ...~Caucasians are of more concern to the world, it seems)
Or even of dubiously legal wars. And with among the most active intelligence agencies, also within Europe (pdf warning ). Or allied - again, within still very relevant historical background - with (often installed) regimes which are kept in power via violence, also extreme; systematically supporting such as long as they are on "the good side" (with noses stuck in the right ass)

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