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Linux When GNOME did its version 3 and Ubuntu came up with Unity, the popularity of Linux Mint sky-rocketed, because they stuck with GNOME 2.32. The Mint team has been working on their next version for a while now, and today, they first unveiled what they're working on. There's good news - the team is working on making GNOME 3 likeable. Their question for this release: "How do we make people like Gnome 3? And what do we provide as an alternative to those who still do not want to change?"
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RE: Oh boy...
by Delgarde on Sun 6th Nov 2011 23:13 UTC in reply to "Oh boy..."
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Linux Mint trying to “fix“ Gnome 3, also without having the manpower to do it. I wish both of them best of luck, but i cannot count on it.

Unlike Canonical, though, the Mint guys are doing it the smart way. Rather than try to build their own unique desktop, they've recognised that even if the Gnome 3 UI isn't to everybody's taste, the construction is basically sound.

And so their choice is to use shell extensions to adapt the Gnome Shell interface into something a little more traditional. It won't stop those who just can't stand the idea of a composited desktop and flashy graphics, but it *will* answer those who want a traditional "start menu", and alt-tab behaviour, etc...

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