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Linux While it may seem like Linux-only projects are betraying their loyal base by developing Windows or OSX versions, I would argue that cross-platform development is actually better for Linux as a whole, better for individual software projects and their developers, and ultimately better for Linux users.
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RE: Seems simple enough
by ilovebeer on Mon 7th Nov 2011 00:07 UTC in reply to "Seems simple enough"
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This is a no brainer, really, of course apps should be developed multi-platform. Unless you're some zealot who thinks their software needs to remain "pure", there isn't any good reason not to support multiple operating systems.
From a developers perspective, I spend more time, energy, and resources to extend my reach to a vastly smaller user base. You call that 'zealot thinking' while the rest of the sane world calls it a poor investment.

In the case of Linux apps it's good for the project to go multi-platform (more users) and good for Linux. Most people run programs, not operating systems. Users are much more likely to switch to Linux if they know they can use the same apps as they could on Windows.
That's not true at all. Users are more likely to switch when their options are removed. This is exactly why Mac dominated the professional audio/video field for so long.

All the main functions of the average Windows pc have a Linux equivalent; office apps, media playback, web, ... Yet you don't see any rush by Windows users to switch.

Another user suggested "better security" as being a good reason to switch, if Linux is automagically more secure than Windows. It is not, and with proper configuration, neither is blatantly more secure than the other.

So how come you don't see droves and droves of people switching to Linux if it's infinitely better? A grand conspiracy against poor little Linux? I think not. Because Linux simply doesn't live up to the Linux fanboy hype? Probably.

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