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Legal This is probably not entirely surprising. The European Commission has announced that it is investigating both Apple and Samsung because they may have breached antitrust rules with regard to patents used as standard in the mobile phone industry - otherwise known as FRAND patents. While the EC states it's investigating both Samsung and Apple, it's likely the investigation focusses on Samsung.
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RE[5]: Comment by Tony Swash
by JAlexoid on Mon 7th Nov 2011 10:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Tony Swash"
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So hardware deserves protection, and software doesn't?

Innovative designs on a hardware level are valuable, but on the software level they aren't?

You're valued and appreciated as a hardware company, but you're dismissed as worthless as a software company?

With more and more innovations being built around software, rather than hardware, I think thats selling a lot of people short.

How the ***** did you come to that conclusion? Reduction ad absurdum will not help in this case, since I've been in the US patent game and know it from the inside. Those are some benefits of working at IBM(formerly).

Then I must be selling myself short. And my profession. And so on...
Don't be ridiculous...

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