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Graphics, User Interfaces In the commercial software world, user interfaces are generally designed by one group. Like Microsoft for Windows or Apple for Mac OS. Those desktop environments were designed by one company who did things like user testing and statistical analysis to try and make the desktop they thought would work best. Linux is different. Large groups definitely DO perform user testing and statistical analysis, but one group can also say "Here's what we want" and, if they have the ability to code it, their idea comes into being. It's pretty amazing, when you think about it. Linux lets people create what they want. If you don't like what's out there, fork it! Or start from scratch! You're in control!
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by Jason Bourne on Mon 7th Nov 2011 10:54 UTC
Jason Bourne
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I think it was around Ubuntu 9.10 that GNOME really got to be usable enough. I am sure it was usable before this, but Ubuntu customizations helped in a bit.

I personally think that GNOME should have taken the evolution path, ported to GTK3, sporting new theme, new icons and keeping the same aesthetics. It was good enough for the too stupid, and good enough for the power users. It was not overwhelming like KDE, nor unpolished like XFCE.

All there is now is MATE - and all it needs is a call out support from the big ones - Linus Torvalds, Eric Raymond, etc. That is, those unhappy with the state of GNOME 3, Unity or KDE. Simply landing in XFCE does not makes things better, because many people don't like it. Why not embrace MATE and make the new real "GNOME 3" out of it?

I can't code on that level, but I am sure these big fishes can call out, support it and exercise their influence on the community. A new GNOME 2.

Now with GNOME Shell, I can't make use of it since I open too many applications and windows, and usually I can't see what's going on in the background. Perhaps one may like it since all he does is browse the web, check the email, and enjoy the smooth windows transitions done by clutter. But my brain will have an kind of apnea as soon as I get many windows open. Suddendly I don't know where I am, or what I am doing - this is the feel of GNOME Shell.

We all knew that sh1t was going to be thrown against the spinning fan. By the early screenshots of GNOME 3, I could tell - this is going to be really fuckep up.

Come on, big fishes, you thou excels coding, help MATE become the new GNOME 3.

Long live, MATE.

PS: I don't think Linux Mint will be much better with its extensions, although it's a better alternative for GNOME Shell.

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