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BSD and Darwin derivatives Deep End's Paul Venezia wonders why more folks aren't using FreeBSD on the desktop. 'There used to be a saying -- at least I've said it many times -- that my workstations run Linux, my servers run FreeBSD. Sure, it's quicker to build a Linux box, do a "yum install x y z" and toss it out into the wild as a fully functional server, but the extra time required to really get a FreeBSD box tuned will come back in spades through performance and stability metrics. You'll get more out of the hardware, be that virtual or physical, than you will on a generic Linux binary installation.'
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RE: Too many problems
by Piranha on Tue 8th Nov 2011 14:44 UTC in reply to "Too many problems"
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I couldn't have said it better myself. I actually ran into this scenario this past weekend.

I bought a Dell E6410 laptop for the reason it had Intel graphics (better open source support) and great open source support (thinking that Open and FreeBSD would support it nicely).

Nope. Since the lack of KMS support, the only option I have is VESA - NO thanks. Laggy window drags don't appeal to me at all.

Then the suspend/resume support. BIOS update fixed the kernel panic OpenBSD would give while suspending, but -resuming- still resulted in a frozen black screen (same for FreeBSD). This was verified with the latest releases and snapshots of both OS's.

Since I bought this laptop for the sole purpose of having a non-Windows computer, I threw xubuntu on there for now. Not my first choice, but at least everything works... And it's not Windows ;)

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