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Oracle and SUN Now that Hewlett-Packard appears to be a little tipsy, not really knowing where it is and what it's doing, Reuters is reporting that the company is working on selling its webOS operating system. HP acquired webOS as part of its purchase of Palm, made a big fuss about the whole thing, and then let it fizzle out. The company rumoured buy webOS? Oracle.
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Why stop at webOS?
by ctl_alt_del on Wed 9th Nov 2011 04:10 UTC
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Just a thought, but why stop at webOS...

HP/Compaq/DEC has been basically able to kill off the MIPS/PA-RISC/Alpha/Itanium server market, so what is left for the enterprise server market from HP? HP has already been talking about spinning off the PC business, why not the enterprise business as well? They can make alot more money in the printer/toner/ink business with just a fraction of the overhead of all the enterprise overings which are dying as we speak anyway.

That falls right in line with Oracle's vision of enterprise dominance. Now it's basically a two man race of IBM and Oracle for the datacenter (in the UNIX market that is). Oracle could offer SPARC/Fujitsu servers on the highend and HP/Intel in the low-midrange. Consolidate the UNIX market around Solaris and it would be hard for IBM to fight back (considering IBM Global Services is one of the largest resellers of Solaris anyway).

Then move onto the webOS potential....Larry E may have been a friend of Steve J, but is still a very shrewd businessman. With Steve J gone what's stopping Oracle to encroach on that market too? It's very doubtfull, but always possible. I don't think Larry's corporate stategy has much regard for the deceased (cold but true), only cold hard cash. If there is any inkling that a profit can be made, Larry is definitely all over that potential. Not sure why Oracle would want to get into consumer grade computing, but I've seen stranger things occur. Maybe the past HP CEO/new Oracle CEO Mark Hurd is a clue, could he create that kind of transformation to the Oracle product line and customer service?

Or maybe it's as others have speculated and the webOS portion is for the patent treasure chest? Who knows, but it's fun to speculate!

....and then I woke up in a cold sweat....

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