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Oracle and SUN Now that Hewlett-Packard appears to be a little tipsy, not really knowing where it is and what it's doing, Reuters is reporting that the company is working on selling its webOS operating system. HP acquired webOS as part of its purchase of Palm, made a big fuss about the whole thing, and then let it fizzle out. The company rumoured buy webOS? Oracle.
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by MOS6510 on Wed 9th Nov 2011 07:07 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by arpan"
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I don't mind innovation and I don't like all this license/IP/patent stuff. But considering we do have those it is no surprise companies sue each other and as Google & friends are "BIG" they become a target. And companies shoot at them, that doesn't mean/prove there is an axis of evil formed to attack Google.

The Android idea is innovative, but the execution is not. It's mostly not innovation, but copying. Before Samsung copied Apple's stuff they copied stuff from others.

Other companies do this too and it's not difficult to understand way, the enormous success and public image of Apple. Even little things like sticking an S behind your latest product is probably inspired by the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. It's all about saying "well, it's not an iPhone, but it's roughly the same and cheaper so buy me instead".

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