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Fedora Core "The following are major features for Fedora 16: enhanced cloud support including Aeolus Conductor, Condor Cloud, HekaFS, OpenStack and pacemaker-cloud; KDE Plasma workspaces 4.7; GNOME 3.2; a number of core system improvements including GRUB 2 and the removal of HAL; an updated libvirtd, trusted boot, guest inspection, virtual lock manager and a pvops based kernel for Xen all improve virtualization support."
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"I'm uncomfortable when people make that kind of assumption. It's a little insulting for the people who are able to use (and even like) Gnome-Shell for real, complex, work. I'm currently doing my thesis (doctoral degree) under Fedora 16, and I have no problem dealing with lots of windows, on multiple workspaces.

Likewise. I get that some people don't like it - but some of those people seem to feel that if it doesn't work for them, it must be utterly broken and that anyone using it must not be a serious user. Yeah, thanks, guys...

You're not a serious user,If you were you wouldn't be be screwing around with crap like Gnome 3 which was clearly intended for the Teletubbie set.

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