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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "HTC has become the top seller of smartphones in the US with a strategy that's precisely the opposite of Apple's. Where Apple is secretive, HTC is open. Where Apple is exclusive, HTC works with all carriers. Where Apple is proprietary, HTC is collaborative. Where Apple customizes for no one, HTC customizes for everyone. It's the anti-Apple and, so far, it has worked." I'm not enamoured with HTC's product design as of late (too soft, too 'rounded'), but as far as companies go, HTC is one of the good guys. Amazing to see such behaviour rewarded - and once again proves what I've been saying all along: in the end, openness and choice always wins.
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But what about pre-installed software on Windows laptops? They pollute the "Open with" menu or the desktop with icons. Worse, they auto-execute putting strange icons in the systray or bug you with "About to expire", "Upgrade now" or "Remind me in 1 week" dialogs.

The default iOS and Google apps provide basic product functionality. Most if not all dumb/feature/smart phones have basic apps/functions that can not be removed. I wouldn't call those crapware, it's part of the product.

Stuff vendors install and can't be removed is just pure evil. It's also stuff you probably are not aware of before you buy the device.

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