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Oracle and SUN I just emerged, blinking, from the world of Skyrim, only to realise Sun Oracle has released the 11th version of Solaris (well, technically it's the 7th, but okay, we'll roll with it). I'll be honest and upfront about it: Solaris is totally out of my league, and as such, it's very hard for me to properly summarise what this release is all about, so I won't even try.
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RE: Nice!
by abcxyz on Thu 10th Nov 2011 22:06 UTC in reply to "Nice!"
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Now there are many issues about this S11 thing, but this comment calls for a quick fact check.

Root's home in S11 is /root/ (not that I'd get how does that define modernity of an OS) and while there still is /bin/sh (/bin and /sbin being links to /usr/{s,}bin/), it actually runs /usr/bin/ksh93 (and again not sure why would that necessarily be better) esp. it's not a big deal to choose shell of one's liking.

One of my complains about this release would be that development had a lot of the F/OSS vibe and was happening/focusing on engineers desktops. So in fact running it on SPARC for the first time in Solaris' history might see some shortcomings here and there.

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