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Oracle and SUN I just emerged, blinking, from the world of Skyrim, only to realise Sun Oracle has released the 11th version of Solaris (well, technically it's the 7th, but okay, we'll roll with it). I'll be honest and upfront about it: Solaris is totally out of my league, and as such, it's very hard for me to properly summarise what this release is all about, so I won't even try.
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RE[2]: Nice!
by SReilly on Thu 10th Nov 2011 22:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice!"
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Just installed it and yes, roots default directory is in /root and the new default shell is bash. Quite a departure I must say.

The reason why / is a bad idea these days for root's home directory is because it mixes root's user files and directories with those of the system. This wasn't an issue way back when you had one shell, one profile for that shell and no ssh (to name the first things I can think of off of the top of my head). Mow that you do, those config files and directories end up directly on the / filesystem making it harder to administer and even though you really should keep root usage to a minimum it's just not always the case. Hence why most admins create a /root directory first thing after an install of Sol8-9-10 and change root's home directory.

Are you seriously trying to say to me that sh is just as good as ksh or bash? Please. As for it running /usr/bin/ksh93 in sh mode, all the more reason not to bother with it.

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