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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "HTC has become the top seller of smartphones in the US with a strategy that's precisely the opposite of Apple's. Where Apple is secretive, HTC is open. Where Apple is exclusive, HTC works with all carriers. Where Apple is proprietary, HTC is collaborative. Where Apple customizes for no one, HTC customizes for everyone. It's the anti-Apple and, so far, it has worked." I'm not enamoured with HTC's product design as of late (too soft, too 'rounded'), but as far as companies go, HTC is one of the good guys. Amazing to see such behaviour rewarded - and once again proves what I've been saying all along: in the end, openness and choice always wins.
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used to be a HTC Fan
by jimmystewpot on Thu 10th Nov 2011 23:10 UTC
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There is one big problem with HTC's strategy.. and that is that it's over stretching itself. I have been a HTC Android customer since the original HTC Desire, I then also purchased the Desire HD. Both are fantastic phones and I commend HTC for both products.... However there are so many variations in HTC hardware/software and that is starting to show up by
1. excessive delays in updates.
2. many even very new handset's never see updates.

There are a number of HTC devices released over the last 18 months which will never get Gingerbread let alone ICS. It is often the case that the hardware can handle the updates (e.g. HTC Desire) but HTC simply claim that they can't engineer the software to work due to limited flash space.. However there are many aftermarket roms both sense and AOSP that work perfectly. Couple that with the botched security of their "value add" and I really can't bring myself to buy any future HTC products.

HTC would be better served having a smaller range of devices which get more frequent updates, happy customers == repeat customers as shown by the Apple user base. Unhappy customers are often not repeat customers unless they are locked into carrier's with little to no options.

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