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Oracle and SUN I just emerged, blinking, from the world of Skyrim, only to realise Sun Oracle has released the 11th version of Solaris (well, technically it's the 7th, but okay, we'll roll with it). I'll be honest and upfront about it: Solaris is totally out of my league, and as such, it's very hard for me to properly summarise what this release is all about, so I won't even try.
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RE[2]: Cloudwashing
by tony on Fri 11th Nov 2011 01:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Cloudwashing"
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"The greatest thing that came out of Solaris was ZFS, but its usefulness is limited by the fact that it was never GPL compatible, and now it's owned by Oracle (which a lot of IT shops avoid like the plague).

Other very nice Solaris features:
- RBAC (only IBM AIX can compete here)
- ZONES (FreeBSD Jails still lag here a lot)
- SMF – systemd can only dream about it
- CROSSBOW - network stack virtualization
- BOOT ENVIRONMENTS - create one, delete everything (rm -rf /*) and You still have fully working system

These are features not seen in any other OS, not only UNIX ...

Eh, most of those aren't really that interesting. Zoning/Containers have been around for a while, haven't seen that great of a use case. Virtualization on a Type 1 hypervisor has proven much more useful in a general sense. Boot environments are neat, but it's only in Solaris, so not of any use to me. Not a feature that's going to get me to drop Linux.

"It's got an interesting future in FreeBSD, but again hampered by the lack of some awesome ZFS features (like encryption) that aren't in the FreeBSD release yet.

FreeBSD provides encryption since quite long time, its just not ZFS feature on FreeBSD, its GEOM feature, encrypt the devices (with key or passward) using GELI and then create ZFS pool from encrypted devices, voila!

The last time I tried (about a year ago) to encrypt devices with GELI and then take those devices and add them to a ZFS pool, the performance was absolutely terrible. There were weird pauses, wildly inconsistent pauses in throughput, huge latencies, and overall a disaster.

So unless it's native encryption in the file system, I'm not counting it as a feature.

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