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General Unix Way back in 2002, MIT decided it needed to start teaching a course in operating system engineering. As part of this course, students would write an exokernel on x86, using Sixth Edition Unix (V6) and John Lions' commentary as course material. This, however, posed problems.
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RE[2]: binary for windows....
by christian on Fri 11th Nov 2011 10:07 UTC in reply to "RE: binary for windows.... "
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"I guess all that is missing is a functional libc, and shared memory, shared libraries...

What makes you so sure shared libraries is important or even desirable?

All well and good until you find a critical bug in that DNS client library that every network capable program you have installed uses, and you now have to recompile (or relink at least) every single one of them.

Shared libraries may give memory usage benefits or not, may cause DLL hell in some cases, but from a modularity and management point of view, they're a god send.

Performance poor? That's an implementation detail of using lookup tables. There's nothing stopping the system implementing a full run time direct link, at the expense of memory and start up performance.

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