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Linux "At long last, it looks like there is an adequate solution to the Active State Power Management (ASPM) problem in the Linux kernel , a.k.a. the well-known and wide-spread power regression in the Linux 2.6.38 kernel, which has been causing many laptops to go through significantly more power than they should. This is not another workaround, but rather a behavioral change in the kernel to better decide when the PCI Express ASPM support should be toggled."
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by B. Janssen on Fri 11th Nov 2011 19:23 UTC
B. Janssen
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It's surprising that Matthew Garrett would have to divine this information from a Microsoft presentation on Vista's handling of PCI Express. In his e-mail to the list Mr. Garrett also says that there is "zero public documentation" on this issue. I can believe that, often engineering specs are not public and must be bought from the standard body.

But I would have expected that at least one of the commercial GNU/Linux big shots, i. e. RH, Canonical, SUSE, had done so. Apparently not!

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