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Multimedia, AV "Yesterday, Logitech hosted an Analyst and Investor Day and during his remarks, CEO Guerrino De Luca pulled absolutely no punches in describing the 'mistakes' the company made with its Logitech Revue Google TV set top box. Calling the company's Christmas 2010 launch 'a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature', De Luca told investors that the company had 'brought closure to the Logitech Revue saga' by making plans to let inventory run out this quarter and that there are 'no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue'."
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GoogleTV sucks
by Eugenia on Sat 12th Nov 2011 00:16 UTC
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As an owner of a Google TV who paid money to get this buggy product (bugs even on the Blu-ray player part of the Sony combo GoogleTV/BD device, not just in the Android part), I can only say that it's a sucky product. I always said that, from the moment this stupid box arrived in my home and tried it, and will continue to say it unless they fix it. Their recent OS upgrade made things better look-wise, but the user experience is still bad, because the remote control is... uncontrollable and confusing.

As I also wrote at ArsTechnica's comments, the only thing that could save this product is new hardware with a simplified remote control (I wrote about it here: ), better more organic UI, a webcam for kinect-type usage and web chat, a Siri-like assistant, and a price of no more than $100 for a small box (no need for Intel CPUs and huge boxes as in the current GoogleTVs).

Regarding content, it requires an app by default like REDUX is, which it does curated videos from youtube and vimeo (not random crap). Unfortunately, REDUX's UI sucks, but their idea is sound. There are some gems out there, short films, documentaries, indie music videos, that can fully satisfy cord cutters (check the recent "Mobius" short film for example: ). Then, Netflix and Hulu should be offered for free for 3 months (like an extended trial). And because some people don't want on-demand TV (e.g. ), carry by default the top-6 US broadcasting TV channels (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS). Instead of expecting from cord cutters to buy an external antenna, stream these channels by making some deals with them. Make the cord-cutting or switch less painful! Also, they should make deals with other providers and TVs from all over the world.

Anyways, there ARE ways to make a TV device useful, and the above are only some of my ideas about how to better this system. But so far, neither GoogleTV does it right for the reasons I mentioned above, neither Roku (too small to make a peep, no youtube, but otherwise nice TV experience), or AppleTV (no apps, their youtube app is censored).

From all three devices, the Roku remains my favorite: And this is how it should be done in my opinion, to fix all these issues:

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