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Google According to InformationWeek: "Just over a hundred days after Google last provided an update on the status of Google+ for businesses, the company has introduced a way for companies to participate in its social network. Google+ Pages, like Facebook Pages before them, provide businesses and brands with a place to promote conversations related to their products and services." A number of U.S. government agencies are trying out Google+, including NASA, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Since release of initial Google+ components on June 28 2011, the product is claimed by Larry Page to have over 40 million users, versus some 800 million for Facebook.
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Google+ advantages over FB
by kateline on Sat 12th Nov 2011 14:48 UTC
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The big advantage to Google+ over Facebook is that it has Circles. These allow people to share info only to choosen groups they create, rather than to everybody all the time, like FB does. Of course you can still choose info to be Public (go to everybody as well). Hangouts are cool too, and could be useful to businesses. Google seems to have learned things from FB, while Facebook's only innovation is a continual changing of its rules on Privacy, without user input or consent. Google is starting years later than FB, but with these innovations, I think they've got a shot at it.

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