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Games When I decided to take on this article I thought it would be easy. Grab a few quotes from some developers, re-hash WINE support, check out the latest version of Battle for Wesnoth... Simple stuff.
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by madcrow on Mon 14th Nov 2011 21:44 UTC
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Apart from Wesnoth and a gaggle of shooters usually running on various obsolete engines donated to the community by iD, there are still a few other good FOSS games. FlightGear is a decent flight sim. OpenTTD and Simutrans are both good strategic simulations. Freeciv and Freecol are both great "traditional" turn-based strategy games. Oolite is about as close as it gets to a perfect modern "clone" of the classic 8/16-bit space trading classic. KMahjohng happens to be the best Mahjohngg Solitaire implementation I've played since I left OS/2 (which also had a nice built-in version) Finally, Nethack and (Z)Angband offer some great action-oriented dungeon crawling if you can get over the lack of graphics. I've never had any problems keeping my self entertained under Linux and I doubt that anybody with the skills to use Google has either.

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