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Games When I decided to take on this article I thought it would be easy. Grab a few quotes from some developers, re-hash WINE support, check out the latest version of Battle for Wesnoth... Simple stuff.
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NWN (orginal not NWN2)
by trev on Mon 14th Nov 2011 22:42 UTC
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I still play NWN (9 years after the original release). It seems Bioware/Atari screwed up on this one and actually put the hooks in to allow players to add content / improve the game so the online world is still rather robust after all these years (lots of free online servers to play on most with custom content). I'd love to see another iteration of something like this now but all the companies want to milk the customers for everything and have draconian control over updates and content so I'm not holding my breath. For a closed source commercial product it does seem to have a very OSS feel to it. I think it's the reason it seems to be outlasting NWN2. If you've never played it go here and give it a try:

Newegg used to sell the DVD version for $10 with free shipping but seems they're out of it now. Best game I ever bought ($10 for years and years of play).

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