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Google Finally! Jean-Baptiste Queru (yes, husband of) has announced the source code release for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (technically, it's 4.0.1). Naturally, this code dump also happens to include the source code for Honeycomb - however, due to Honeycomb's incomplete nature, there's no tags available for it. Not interesting from a let's-build-it-and-code-point of view, but it is interesting for ROM hackers - bring it on, ICS for my Galaxy SII!
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Hrm, wonder how many of the "Google isn't open", "Android isn't OSS", etc detractors will now retract their criticisms? ;)

Well, I just saw this article on Ars:

And it makes me wonder if Android really benefits by being 'truly open', because you have devices like the Kindle fire that will release a bastardized version of Android, with anything relating to Google or the Android market removed, and locks users into a different app store.

That in itself isn't so bad, except that:

1. The media keeps insisting on calling the Fire an Android tablet, which it really isn't. This not only gives consumers the false impression that it can do anything an ordinary Android tablet can, but also that it is a real iPad competitor. People will use this as yet another example of Android fragmentation, which really isn't fair to Android, since Amazon doesn't even advertise it as an Android device.

2. It has the potential to splinter Android development, esp if the Fire really takes off, and developers start targeting it at the exclusion of all other Android devices.

I'm not necessarily saying that they shouldn't release the source code, but something like Android really needs a 'benevolent dictator' to call the shots, and demand (via the license) that at least a minimum set of requirements must be met if you want to fork it AND sell hardware with your forked code.

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