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OSNews, Generic OSes Remember yesterday when I said Solaris 11 goes way over my head? Well, today we're talking about where operating systems and biology intersect. Scientists at the University of Nottingham are trying to develop the in vivo biological cell-equivalent of a computer operating system. The project's name is AUdACiOuS.
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I think we know who'll get there first!
by mistersoft on Tue 15th Nov 2011 09:53 UTC
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Mr Venter with all his $£€$ and high throughput
experience and infrastructure (and commitment to this idea)...

the v high throughput shotgun sequencing, shuffling (/'reprogramming'), single cell cloning...viability screening... resequencing type approach will probably end up 'getting there faster' and end up contributing more to our understanding of the 'computational' side of the how cells function and are 'programmed' along the way..

I don't like to admit that but I'm pretty sure it'll work out that way. Not that the Nottingham work it totally pointless though.

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