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Google Finally! Jean-Baptiste Queru (yes, husband of) has announced the source code release for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (technically, it's 4.0.1). Naturally, this code dump also happens to include the source code for Honeycomb - however, due to Honeycomb's incomplete nature, there's no tags available for it. Not interesting from a let's-build-it-and-code-point of view, but it is interesting for ROM hackers - bring it on, ICS for my Galaxy SII!
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In a slightly related note, anyone know if ketchup would improve the taste of shoe leather? Or if crow is best served baked or fried? ;)

I imagine crow should probably be braised in something strongly-flavored, given the probable toughness of the meat and their diet. Maybe with a citrus-caper butter sauce or a raspberry chutney.

Oh, you meant metaphorical crow! Sorry. ;)

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