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Games When I decided to take on this article I thought it would be easy. Grab a few quotes from some developers, re-hash WINE support, check out the latest version of Battle for Wesnoth... Simple stuff.
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RE[3]: Android & OpenGL games
by fran on Tue 15th Nov 2011 19:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Android & OpenGL games"
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"I'm hoping on a quad core ARM and tegra4 based laptop purely designed to run Linux. The seperate components are there, now a company who is willing to take the risk. That will be the day I ditch Lenovo.

Nvidia ever going to release a Tegra driver for Linux or just a custom driver for Android? While the prospect of those quad 64 bit 2.5Ghz ARM CPUs are great the GPU will by far be your biggest limitation in what can be done.

Any idea on what the next gen successor to the E-450 will be? Would make for a decent netbook at no more then 1280x768.

It looks like it's the Krisna that will have 2-4 cores.

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