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Windows Microsoft just posted on its blog about how Windows 8 is going to handle automatic updating and the consequent system restarts - and they're changing a few things around. They want to make the process less disruptive, and there's reason to cheer: no more popup notifications begging for restarts.
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Even Windows 2000 did (though it probably came with some late service pack, not RTM).

The only problem with Windows XP is there's no straightforward way to tell it to check for updates NOW.
Easily solved with a 6 lines batch file:

set WUAU=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate \Auto Update
net stop wuauserv
reg delete "%WUAU%" /v DownloadExpirationTime /f 2>nul
reg delete "%WUAU%" /v NextDetectionTime /f 2>nul
reg delete "%WUAU%" /v ScheduledInstallDate /f 2>nul
wuauclt /updatenow

And the behavior of the updater can be controlled pretty well tightly with group policy settings (whether you're in a domain or not).
Disabling the stupid default behavior, which insists on rebooting after a scheduled update, even with apps running and unsaved work, is a requirement !

Now if MS is looking for something to improve in the updates area, it's about time they come up with a framework for third party applications.
Leaving to every other editor the responsibility to provide its own crappy update service is so silly.
And those applications not being theirs is not excuse for leaving unpatched holes throughout the system.
Linux distributions have a far superior software update system in this respect.

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