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Google Finally! Jean-Baptiste Queru (yes, husband of) has announced the source code release for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (technically, it's 4.0.1). Naturally, this code dump also happens to include the source code for Honeycomb - however, due to Honeycomb's incomplete nature, there's no tags available for it. Not interesting from a let's-build-it-and-code-point of view, but it is interesting for ROM hackers - bring it on, ICS for my Galaxy SII!
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Google are:
- releasing source code to their operating system for free, under no obligation. The Nook Tablet and Color and Kindle Fire are great examples of how this can work against Google - Android devices that make no payment to Google and do not come with access to Google's Android Marketplace, or Google's proprietary apps.

Nothing to say here.

- virtually the only major silicon valley company left (compared to Apple, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon etc) who haven't patent trolled anyone (except in retaliation of course), although they could have, Google still has thousands of patents even though companies like Microsoft have far more, some of them are a lot more important than Apple GUI animation patents. e.g. []

You clearly aren't actually in Silicon Valley. Of the 5 "compared to" companies you listed, only 2 of them would be considered Silicon Valley companies (Apple and Oracle). There are dozens of major Silicon Valley companies that haven't sued over patents. That's not a very high bar to leap over here.

- been far better at sticking to privacy promises and openness compared to the likes of Facebook

Are you forgetting the Buzz debacle? Street View Wifi sniffing? At least Facebook is up front about how much they don't care about privacy.

- have entire divisions of their company and features that make no revenue for them (and are not R&D projects in hope of future earnings) but are retained. e.g. Free offline and IMAP/SMTP/POP access to gmail from day one, google docs for personal use (I can open and edit files with no ads anywhere), AOSP, Google chrome/ chromium,

Lots of companies have this, I'm not exactly sure why this makes them better than any of the others.

- principled stand on net neutrality

Right, the Verizon carve out is very principled.

- taking a principled stand and pulling out of China

Except, they didn't pull out of China.

Somehow Google are still constantly attacked, way more than companies like Apple and Microsoft these days, they deserve some credit. Sure, they are far from the do no evil motto, but these days, doing a lot less evil than other megacorps is still remarkable.

Because most of what you listed is marketing fluff. They believe in net neutrality but they'll live without it on wireless networks to keep Verizon happy. They're big on privacy except when they're stealing data on wifi networks. They're "open", except when for one reason or another it's inconvenient right now. Sometimes it's better to deal with the guys who you know will knife you in the face (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) instead of the guys that will knife you in the back (Google).

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